Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Sight of Blood

Thinking about a few years ago when i walked into the bathroom to wipe the tush of my then-three-year-old son to discover a toilet full of blood got me thinking... about, well, blood.  Some people faint at the sight of blood.  Some have nearly-physical pangs of an empathetic nature.  Still others have a resolute, lets-get-this-figured-out-and-taken-care-of manner about them.

Blood is the life force - the giver of oxygen to necessary organs, the circuit through which nutrients and chemicals travel the body, and a healer in many ways.  But blood, when not seen, is easy to think of scientifically.  Once it is oozing from the body or collecting in a vial, though, it becomes something a bit more... disturbing... for some.

That day, many years ago, the sight of that blood beneath my small child was a panic-inducing nightmare.  Turns out, he has a severe sensitivity to digesting dairy.  Cease panic.  Phew!

Other days, while restraining my youngest child over the course of dozens of blood draws in the four short years she has been alive, the sight of blood is a necessary fight to get information from her body.  How is her thyroid doing?  Are her meds still working?  Will her body heal in time and become "normal?"

Then, however, my mind goes to the blood we women deal with monthly.  For many, it is a disturbance of our regular lives, an interruption in our rhythms, and even a nuisance.  For others, like my sister, the lack of bleeding each month is a sad reminder of what the body isn't willing or capable of doing... at least, for now.

Or the blood that meant the end of a life that was not to be... the life my body wasn't going to bring into the world after all.  The blood that was a purging of someone i would not get to meet this side of Heaven.  And to that end, i remember the blood that was expelled from my body when each of my three living children was born.  The blood that nourished and grew them into the babies i could hold and snuggle and play with.  That blood, while still slightly disturbing in its sheer quantity, was almost reverent blood.

Reverent Blood.  That takes my mind to the Blood of Christ.  Not a concept i was grateful to have pushed upon me as a new Believer, but one i embrace today with a bit more clarity.  This is Blood that grows us, covers us, washes us, purifies us, and claims us.  Reverent Blood.  Jesus' Blood.  Holy Blood.

The sight of blood is a unique experience for each of us.  What's yours?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

There are so many things in life we are led to believe we don't need to know... by the government, by our doctors, by the school system, sometimes by our own friends or our churches.  Things that people believe they can "protect" us from.

But the truth is, ignorance is NOT bliss.  NOT knowing something has never blessed me.  You?

I'm the one in the doctor's office asking, "How much is in the syringe? Will it hurt? Does the stuff have any side effects? Will i get better without it? Do i need it?"  I'm the one in the grocery store looking at labels, muttering, "MSG?!? Really? In chicken stock? Milk? In a fruit drink? Natural Flavors, huh? Well, which natural ones: cow, dirt, blood?"

Asking questions is certainly something that i am compelled to do.  And it bugs most everyone. {smile} But it is by asking questions and seeking answers that i have discovered that too much protein increases a woman's chance of cancer, phenylalanine causes brain tumors, xylitol is a natural substance that strengthens your teeth, dairy is so hard for our bodies to digest that it actually leeches calcium from our bones, fingernail polish is toxic (as are most cosmetics), commercially-available soaps are really detergents that are caustic, sodium laureth sulfate is carcinogenic and causes increased susceptibility to canker sores (mouth ulcers), soy has its own estrogen, which feeds breast cancer, abortions increase a woman's risk of breast cancer, Planned Parenthood doesn't counsel women concerned about abortion - they send them to the pro-lifers - because there's no money in counseling her out of abortion, baby oil is mineral oil with fragrance added and mineral oil is only slightly different than motor oil... Need i continue?  I could.

So, why is it, if being ignorant of something doesn't save you from it, that elders, politicians, medical workers, and religious leaders continue to treat us like we're better off not knowing the truth?

~ "If we read the healthcare bill, we wouldn't allow it to pass, " paraphrased from Nancy Pelosi.
~ "Knowing the truth about abortion is too emotionally harmful for women considering abortion, so you may legally lie to them," paraphrased from legal wording allowing abortion clinics to lie about abortion.
~ "Oh, it's no big deal," my doctor told me before administering one of the most painful shots i have ever been given. (then he failed to mention the 48 hours of NEW pain i would experience AFTER the shot)
~ Major poultry farmers refuse to allow cameras into their facilities... wonder what they're hiding?

How many experts have kept you in the dark "for your own good?"

Right now, for me, it is health.  I notice many of my friends are on the same path.  God must be moving our hearts to learn more about what He intended for us.

Seek the answers to your burning questions and even your curiosities... you may learn more than you bargained for.  For your own good.