Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life in the Slow Lane

Around here, we try not to be a member of the How Much We Get Done in a Day Club or the I am My Children's Personal Scheduler/Driver/Short-Order-Cook Group. So, our lives take a more leisurely path through the day, week, month, year. Here's what that looks like....

We take the time to walk the dog on demand (which means he demands, and we obey!).
We snack when the mood strikes us (hmm, feeling a bit hungry... apples and peanut butter, anyone?).
We cater not to a strict curriculum schedule but to a "Hey, Now's a Good Time For School!" mentality (not for everyone, but it is working for us - mostly).
We handle conflict as it arises, which builds social skills (most public schools don't bother with this).
We cook most of our meals from scratch, with a little help from the kids fairly often (they have to learn to cook sometime, right?).
We send Daddy off to work with a full, hot breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a kiss.

I like life in the slow lane. I'll probably see ya on the highway... will you be passing me or cruising with me?

Monday, February 23, 2009

What is a Friend?

You know you are a friend when... answer the phone even when you are busy because you know the person calling needs to talk (like, almost every day!). speak from your heart, even when your words may not be easy to hear, so that your friend may know a more fulfilled life. are there through the crises in life and still around to cruise through the smoother times. not only benefit from someone's presence in your life but also return the favor. listen when that is all that is needed, and offer advice when it is requested (which is often!). offer what might be a little thing to you but a big deal to someone else (like a planner!)

And the easiest way to know that you are a friend is to read about yourself in someone's blog. :-)

Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Worth Sharing

Yes, I have said it before, but listen to a 12-year-old say it....

Bravo, Lia, Bravo!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When in Rome....

Okay, so taking the concepts of our political leaders to heart, I am going to totally revamp my household! Oh, am I ever excited!!!

First, and most importantly, I am putting a bill in the mailbox of everyone in my neighborhood. They live in the same neighborhood as we do, so they should have to help with my expenses! Oh, and since I will be getting some help with my bills, I need satellite television, too! Do you happen to have the number for DirectTV?? And the money paid will be directed however I choose, but the people who pay it will get incentives and reductions in their financial debt to me if they honor my rules for life: no political opinions allowed other than mine; no religious beliefs may be expressed unless they are in opposition to the majority religion; and minorities will be given extra incentives, just because.

Next, I am going to increase spending around here! I need to do my part to stimulate the economy, and really, that is what credit is for, right? Yay, a new living room set!! Oooh, and a laptop!

After that, I am going to give each of my children $1000 - to spend however they want - just for being alive. (Can I borrow $3000???) I am going to call it a refund on monies paid in, even though they never paid any monies toward this household's functioning.

And while we are discussing refunds, I am going to ask Target and Publix to give me my money back on all the foods that I purchased that were unhealthy - because, honestly, they shouldn't sell me foods that will harm me or my children!

Once that is all taken care of, I think we will take a sabbatical from all household work. There is no need to do any work, after all, since life should be easy, and someone else should be responsible enough to come clean our house. My kids deserve a clean house, don't they?!

Oh! And we really need to go give money to the drug dealers - it isn't their fault they spent all their illegally-obtained money on drugs; they still need food! So, I am going to rob the churches tonight (Shh!!), and go give the money to the druggies in the "hood" in Nashville. And I won't bring my gun when my children and I go to give them this money, because they will all be so grateful that we are there to give them money that we will be perfectly safe.

What do you think? Sounds great, doesn't it???

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Joys of Daily Life!

Oh, the joys of my daily schedule! Do you ever wonder, like I do, what life would be full of if it were empty of your "usual" daily tasks? For example, what would I do without doggy poo to scoop, food to cook, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, floors to mop, lessons to teach, errands to run, papers to file, and bills to pay? What would I do with all that time?

If there were no other mouths to feed in my house, would I have a manicure and pedicure, or have my hair done?

What if the dishes just washed themselves? Could I have a hobby, like sewing or scrap-booking or learning to build a deck?

What in the world would I find to do if the mountainous heaps of clothes, both dirty and clean, were not clamoring for my attention? Maybe I would write that children's book I have started over and over!

How would I spend my afternoon if there was not a dog to train or a toddler to tend? Would I sit with a friend in a coffee shop for an hour chatting about the deeper issues in life, like global climate change or the political situation in America?

I may never know what my life would be like without all the mundane tasks that I face each day, but I do know one thing for certain: I wouldn't trade it for anything!

So, happy housekeeping!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Casualty of Oliver

Yes, folks, it was bound to happen: Oliver ate a shoe. I knew he was going to chew stuff, I even expected the trouble of teaching him not to. But knowing it and experiencing it are entirely different, I am finding.

I am the one person in the house who has a tremendous amount of trouble finding shoes that fit right (thanks, Nana, for the bunions!). So, naturally, Oliver chewed up my shoe. And it wasn't even like it was just any shoe, it was my newest pair of summer sandals. For those of you who may not know this, sandals and I do not get along (again, thanks, Nana, for the bunions!). So finding a pair that worked and were attractive (yes, I could probably find some ugly ones if I wanted, but I refuse to wear orthopedic shoes in my 30s!) was not easy, and YET! I found some at the end of last summer - on sale, no less!

Well, no more! They have succumbed to the new puppy's desire to chew everything in sight. I suppose lamenting that particular pair will not bring them back, but it just figures....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am going to be the Queen of Denial....

I am going to pretend that the dog isn't trying to eat me.
I am going to imagine that my children are joyfully completing their schoolwork.
I am going to pretend that my toddler is an obedient angel who would never tease the dog until it bites her.

I am going to imagine that dinner will be a five-course meal which every diner will consume happily and praise profusely. I will pretend that the house is immaculate, the laundry is all done and put away, and the bills are all paid. It will be no trouble to put any of the offspring to bed, and there will be peace to read my Bible.

Really, is it all just too much to ask?

Well, at least there's nothing wrong with my imagination....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Target, Facebook, and Television

I have noticed over the years that my husband is much like my children in ways relating to the television. They want to watch it, no matter what is on. If the television is on, there is no "together time." If the television is on, but nothing good is playing, they will just watch something boring. If the television is available, but not on, they must turn it on to "see what is on." This boggles my mind! If you don't know what is on television, you can't know what you are missing, so you must, therefore, NOT be missing anything! Right?!? And we do not even have cable or satellite, by the way. Just an antenna. So, all in all, I have determined that the television is a time-sucker.... It just sucks them in until an entire evening has come and gone, and there are the missing members of my family... on their butts... on the couch... where I left them hours ago. ...Where's my book?...

When I enter the Super Target, I feel as if time both stands still and wings by at warp speed. I spend idle moments in the Dollar Spot, wander through the housewares, peruse the games and books at leisure, and allow some chaotic "window shopping" in the toy section. After we have all had our fill of the joys of going to Super Target, we finally head on over to the grocery section to pick up the few items that drove us to the store in the first place. When we eventually emerge from the front gates, I am always surprised (which I realize means that I should no longer be surprised, but there you go) to note that more than an hour has passed. Really. What do people on a schedule do, avoid Super Target like the Plague?

Well, I recently signed up for a Facebook account. Most of my friends have a Facebook account, my husband has a Facebook account, and some of the family have them. I figured, "it would be cool to be on Facebook, too, and get to 'visit' more with those people. They seem to be having fun." Yeah, like it's that simple. Facebook is ADDICTING! Now, not only can you be in other people's faces at any time of the day or night with your status updates and your comments on their/your walls and your photos and your hugs and your pokes, but you can continuously seek out more friends! More friends with whom you can chat, comment, update, share photos, and poke! Yea! Much like television and Super Target, Facebook is a time-sucker.

Nothing like writing a blog...