Monday, April 1, 2013

Invisible [a book review]

Generally, the emails to review books for Handlebar Publishing announce books I would like to read, but I usually don't respond quickly enough to get my hands on them. Then I got the email for Invisible, by Ginny L. Yttrup. I wanted this book so badly after I read the description that I was sure I would not get a copy. But I did! After I found out they were mailing me the book, I decided that since I was actually receiving the book and so looking forward to it, it must be a book I would struggle to read. My, was I struggling with trusting God, eh? ;^)

Okay, so the book comes in the mail. I'm thrilled, I tell ya! I'm also 3/4 of the way through a mystery novel and no way am I stopping before I find out Whodunnit.... So. I wait. I scramble through the mystery, discover the killer (What?!?! That crazy lady did it!?!?), and sigh with satisfaction as I exchange that book for Invisible, which was patiently awaiting me upon my nightstand.

From the very first page, I'm hooked. Seriously. the. first. paragraph. Maybe, the first sentence. Hard to say. Love at first sight.... hard to analyze, but there it was. And I drank in this book. This book became my favorite part of the day, my excuse to go to bed right after the kids instead of playing on Facebook or washing the dishes, and my joy when the kids wanted to play outside (I get to sit in a chair in the sun and read!!).

The characters were amazing. Deep. Flawed. Focused. Beautiful. And somehow, different. I've read books before in which the author has more than one main character, and it is generally written in such similar style that the characters have similar idiosyncrasies and mannerisms. This actually drives me crazy because people are so unique, but I always let it go because I realize an author has a "voice" when she writes and it must be difficult to create a different "voice" for each character. You know? But Ginny does it. She nails it. Each of the three main characters are unique, but spectacular.

Okay, now I could give you the digest version of the storyline, but you can read that on the back of the book or on or when you go to buy it (and you really should buy this book!). Instead I will tell you that I only have one favorite book, and I read it years ago. It will forever be my favorite book because of all God taught me personally as I was reading it. However, Invisible is my new, close runner-up for favorite book. Ever. And I've never even had a second favorite! This book will help you - if you let it. This book will direct you to God - if you let it. This book will help you discover who God IS and who God IS NOT when it comes to the way you look at yourself.... if. you. let. it. I pray you open yourself and let this book in....