Thursday, May 26, 2011

Follow the Leader

I've generally been a follower. I don't care to lead, and i don't want the responsibility of being in charge, so i have been mostly content to be a sheep most of my life. Baa!

Then i became a mama.
Most women have a hidden 'switch' (for lack of a better word) that is activated at the birth of our first child. We blossom into selfless, nurturing, dedicated leaders. The little bundle depends on us, and we generally rise to the occasion beautifully. Oh, sure, we have our fair share of speed bumps, but, being women, we fuss and carry on, learning to do better next time.

Which brings me back to my point: we become leaders. If the doctor won't take us seriously, we'll do our own darn research. If the teacher won't understand our child, we'll find our own blasted answers. If the child needs guidance that is far from accepted by mainstream America, we'll become Pioneers in our own right.

We lead because we are wise enough to know when we have to.

And if there is one thing i have learned in recent years, it is that i have to follow God in order to be a good leader to my children. If i listen to that still, small voice He put inside this mama's heart, i find the most amazing truths about my kids. It is only when i allow myself to get distracted by the world - or by my flawed expectations - that i stumble in frustration upon the bumps in the road.

Time again to follow the leader. I needed that reminder tonight.