Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today, on a random run-through at my local Target store, i found some fantastic fixes for some trouble areas in our home. I could not believe the teacher supplies they had in the Dollar Spot! I bought an organizer for schedules, some little crayon scheduling cards, some flashcards about various subjects, and some cute reward stickers for when the kiddos apply themselves and deserve a little pat on the back.

Here's our schedule (the kids will turn their crayon around as they complete a task):


Then i wandered past the planners and such, and i found some fabulous organizational tools called "Organize Her." I got a magnetic mail sorter, a magnetic calendar/schedule for a week, a magnetic file sorter, a magnetic flip chart that holds 3 different papers in a flip-up style, and an important numbers magnetic sheet. All of these magnetic items match, by the way, so i look organized just at a glance! Of course, a clear-off of the front of the frig was in order, but after getting all that set up, i feel like i could actually use this system and NOT clutter up my kitchen!

Here's my organized Paper Sorting/Mailing/Bill Organizing Station:

So, this year is about getting a handle on my home and my day. My children will all be schooling for the first time this year, and i need to feel more capable of handling all their individual educational needs better. God has been so gentle with me up to this point, but i think i am ready to step out in obedience and discipline. Armed with the knowledge of what we're dealing with and where we're headed, i feel confident this year is going to be a wonderful year!