Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn in Tennessee

I haven't always lived in Tennessee. But i haven't traveled much off the East Coast, either, so i have generally enjoyed autumn more than any other season (with the exception of when i lived in Orlando - not much to love about autumn there). Here in Tennessee, however, autumn hues take on a whole new dimension, and it is autumn that most securely binds me to this land.

I would consider leaving Tennessee to be closer to family.
I could be convinced to leave Tennessee for some mission God might call me to.
I might lean toward leaving Tennessee for better opportunities for my husband or family.
Then again, when i consider autumn in Tennessee... maybe not.

I. Love. Autumn.
And here, autumn is richer, brighter, friendlier, and more awe-inspiring than any place i have been.
It is here, in Tennessee, that i enjoy the gift of sight every year as God paints the land with all of my favorite colors: taupes and tans, festive oranges, deep yellows, rich dirty-shaded greens, earthy reds, browns.
It is here, in Tennessee, that a trip down the interstate is as beautiful in its own way as a casual drive along a windy country road.

Each year, we experience autumn a little differently. The summers are hot here, and often we battle droughts. These affect our autumn colors. Frequently, our summers last long into September, and this affects our autumn colors. Quite often, we have sudden cold spells in early October. These, too, affect our colors.

And sometimes, i hear myself complaining when i've been deprived of the lasting change of seasons that we generally experience here. But this year, God is gracious in allowing all of the colors of autumn to bless my sight. I even found a new color that we don't see every year: deep purple. I don't know what tree it is that turns this shade, but it is splendid mixed with all that orange, yellow, and tan!

Makes me wish i had a spectacular camera and about 40 hours per week to devote to learning to photograph the landscapes around me. :)

Happy Fall, y'all!