Friday, May 6, 2016

Getting Stuck

Getting stuck is a real pain.
Getting un-stuck can be a worse pain.
But can getting stuck ever be a blessing?
I believe so....

Sometimes, i get stuck in a rut. That rut becomes distasteful enough that i look around and realize i'm stuck, then i do something about it. Climbing out of a rut always teaches me something about myself.

Sometimes, i get stuck on a problem. That problem becomes so overwhelming that i'm unable to move in any direction. So i pray about it and ask for direction. Many times, a new solution comes to mind or enough time passes that it becomes obvious i'm not intended to solve the problem. So i can move on.

Other times, i may be stuck in an internal struggle. When this happens, i turn inward and resort to worry and fretting, which is always so helpful, right? ;)

But if i'm stuck in a battle with myself or my emotions, it's often harder to see the way out. I'm learning to focus on the little things i can do right now. And i'm learning to give myself grace. One unfortunate side effect to growing up without the emotional support or loving connection of a parent is that i became 'accomplishment' driven. I tried to earn favor, love, and attention. I still get stuck in that pattern sometimes, but the worst of it is always when i'm fighting myself.

So, i'm learning to treat myself with kindness, forgiveness, and grace - much as i would treat my children. And it helps get me un-stuck most every time.

Getting stuck is a pain, no doubt.
But getting un-stuck is where the real lesson can be found.
So the next time you find yourself stuck, pause and look up, look around, look inside, and find the lesson God is trying to teach you. When you move through it, that's when getting stuck becomes a blessing.