Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You're Fired!

This month, i did something drastic: i fired myself as my children's Teacher and re-hired myself as their mother. Let me explain....

Instead of seeing them as my offspring in whom i delight, i was seeing them as workbook pages to be completed.

Instead of seeing them as my heart walking around outside my own body, i was seeing them as lessons they would fight me on.

Instead of finding opportunities to connect with them in their personal time, i was seeing them as simply leaving me alone to do "more important work" while i wasn't teaching.

So, this month, i fired that Teacher! She is NOT who my children need, and frankly, i don't particularly like her.

Since i have fired the Teacher, i have enjoyed outings, walks, documentaries, laughter, and most importantly, real conversation and connection with each of these beautiful blessings God somehow believes i am worthy of raising for Him.

It is a good reminder of my first calling, and i am grateful the Holy Spirit saw this lack in me and convicted my heart to make this change.

Happy Summer, Friends! :)