Friday, February 15, 2013

Catching Up

Over the past week, we have determined to live life every day. We are trying not to get caught up in the humdrum, same-old-same-old attitudes, making sure to see each day as a gift and not a repeat of the day before. If you homeschool and stay home full time with your children, you understand the challenge this can be!

So, we have had an eventful week! And because of that, i have not been diligent in updating. So, here's our "week in review."

Taking Tests! Fun! ;)
Valentine's Day Gluten-Free Cupcakes for a dear friend.
Nom nom nom...
Drama Queen makes Valentine's Fondant!
"It's like taffy!"
Valentine's Day Gluten-Free chocolate cake with Drama Queen's fondant.
Visited the War Memorials in Nashville.

Korean War Memorial
All in all, we have tried to engage outside of our house more. It has been fun, and since the youngest is now capable of handling being busy out of the house, we will be doing more of it!
What fun things are you doing to keep things lively this winter?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Epic Fail!

Okay, i know i am not the only one who has found myself struggling with some task/responsibility longer than necessary. I know i am not the only person on the planet who has ever failed to accomplish something i set out to accomplish. And i know i am not the only woman alive who has ever hung her head in utter dejection.

So i was thinking about something recently in a visit with a friend, and i thought, "i wonder how many people realize this?" Which, naturally, meant i had to blog about it! All 3 of my followers (just kidding) might need this word from the Lord today! ;)

It took God several years to teach this particular nugget of wisdom to me. Not because He is not a gifted teacher, but because i was a stubborn student. It took God many varied-yet-similar situations to get through to me. Not because He didn't provide just the right opportunity, but because i was blinded by my own self-reliance. And it took God far too many people to express His truth than can be considered reasonable. Not because He isn't a focused communicator, but because i was deaf to His words.

The wisdom is simple, yet profound....
You ready?
You sure?
It'll rock your world....
It will change your life if you let it....

Here it is: if you are beating your head against a wall, gnashing your teeth over a problem you just cannot seem to solve, or working on something that is just not going well, there is a strong likelihood that God is not asking YOU to handle it.

Whew! Did you catch that?
Here's another way God told me this truth: if i am carrying a burden that feels too heavy to bear, a) it is not mine to bear, b) i am not leaning on God, or c) some combination of a & b.

God is not interested in equipping ME to carry someone else's load. Now, i'm not talking about helping a suffering friend/neighbor. I am talking about getting involved where you are not meant to be, taking over a problem that is not yours to solve, or making something your problem that is really someone else's. Sometimes, God needs us to go through something in order for us to learn a specific truth/lesson. And if someone steps in and takes our struggles upon himself, we cannot learn the lesson, so God will have to allow another circumstance.

I certainly understand that all matters of the earthly realm are not simple, straightforward, easy-to-deal-with issues, but i challenge you to really evaluate that ridiculously heavy burden you are toting.... Is it truly yours to bear? If so, have you asked God for help? And have you leaned on His guidance when He offered it?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Project, a Little Late

I got so caught up in trying to restructure my day and get us back to enjoying our learning that i forgot to post our project pictures from last week! Whoops!

It took 2 days of building, gluing, drying, and building, but they got it done with only materials laying around the house and recycling supplies.

First we have the Man-Child working on the recyclables at his workbench, preparing them for his sisters inside....

Now we have the inside operation: gluing strips of cardboard to represent planks of wood on the houses and stripping sticks to resemble the logs the original colonists would have been shipping back to England.

And the next day, the little one had to play with the toys while she was waiting for her big brother and big sister to get the scene finished....


 Then we had to make the SNOW!!! :)

Once they made the snow, they dumped Winter Weather on the poor, unsuspecting colonists....

Hee hee.
Here's the finished "colony":

Probably shouldn't have taken us 2 days for this project, but the oldest was determined to paint hers when the glue dried... she abandoned that idea the next day. ;) We also made gluten-free cupcakes the day we started the project and again on the day of completion, so we still spent lots of time together doing fun stuff!