Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday!

i did NOT put my youngest child to bed in her clothes last night, and she is absolutely NOT currently wearing the same outfit.

i certainly did NOT eat my body weight in potato chips at a birthday party yesterday, so i expect NOT to have gained 5 lbs.

i am NOT sleeping in my daughter's bunkbed with her so she will get used to sleeping there sometime before she turns 18.

i did NOT catch a fly laying eggs in my daughter's sippy cup, and then i did NOT take them out and tape some of them to a slide so we could look at them under the microscope. i did, however, sterilize the entire kitchen and go on a maniacal fly-killing spree!! (you should definitely NOT ask the children what that looked like because it would NOT be at all embarrassing for me.)

Yesterday, i did NOT leave the house without my driver's license or debit card, and my husband did NOT also forget to bring his wallet, and we did NOT collectively decide to go to the store without realizing we had no way to pay. Yeah, and it was NOT at all humiliating to be standing at the checkout looking at each other like, "are you going to pay, or what?" before we both understood the problem.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


In the moment that i realize how much God loves me, i am humbled.
When i esteem myself, i become proud.
So, i surrender my pride and take up my humility.
My humility brings me closer to my own imperfections.
My imperfections accuse me, shining a spotlight on my sin.
My sin shows me how desperately i need God.
In the instant that i acknowledge how much i mean to Him, i am again humbled.
In my humility, i feel unworthy of the love and forgiveness of Almighty God.
In the hopes that i can present myself as worthy, i become proud.
My pride drives me to prove that i deserve Jesus.
When i am beaten down again by my failed attempts to earn what has already been freely given, i am deeply humbled.

Do you see a familiar cycle?
"Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble..."
Smile. God loves you!
Pray. God is listening.
Sing. You know you want to!
Be Blessed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Try It Tuesday - with a twist!

Today, i encourage all of you to try to become better informed about what is going on in your city/state/national government. Here are some suggested places you could start:

Find out how homosexuals are trying to take away a Christian's right to religious freedom at

Find out how Planned Parenthood is trying to convince the nation they are providing a public service at and

Find out how President Obama is trying to take away a person's responsibility to provide for himself/herself at

Find out how the government is trying to take away your rights as a parent at

Our "culture" has been trying to tell you "They" know what is best for your child, but as we have let them take more and more responsibility away from us parents, as we have let them condition us that sexuality and drug use are normal and natural and "kids will be kids," here is the fruit of "Their" labor:

~ "More than 700,000 teenagers in the United States will become pregnant this year alone, and half of all sexually active people will have a sexually transmitted infection by age 25." (hmm, great job, Culture)

~ "United States has the highest levels of teen pregnancy among developed nations." (oh, yeah, way to go, Society)

~ "Underage drinking costs the United States more than $58 billion every year." (umm, National Debt, anyone?)

~ "Ten percent of teens report that they have attended a rave, and ecstasy and other drugs were available at more than two-thirds of these raves." (but, let's just let our kids have fun, right? and the people who operate the raves have rights, too... right?)

~ "More than 60 percent of teens said that drugs were sold, used, or kept at their school." (but schools are safe. sure.)

~ "Teenagers whose parents talk to them on a regular basis about the dangers of drug use are 42 percent less likely to use drugs than those whose parents don’t." (but let's take away parental rights because the government does a much better job)

~ "Alcohol kills 6 ½ times more teenagers than all other illicit drugs combined." (but, ya know, at least they aren't getting high, right?)

Try to wake up today. Try to put on your Grown Up Hat. And try to find out what is really happening out there.

Be informed.
Be Blessed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Today, i did NOT turn 35 since that would mean that i am on the downward slide to the big Four Oh!

This weekend, i did NOT eat out more times than i ate in.

My child did NOT take her dress off in the front yard and run around in only her panties.

i did NOT eat a salad for lunch so that i could have a giant slab of chocolate-chocolate cake (thud!) and a cup of calorie-laden coffee.

i did NOT buy myself 2 new hats because my hair is in the "growing it out/between styles" stage and covering it up won over shaving it off.

i did NOT read an entire romantic suspense novel this weekend.

i did NOT get so behind in my laundry last week that 6 hampers were spilling their guts all over the house (which equaled 12 loads of laundry in my super capacity washer, by the way).

And since i am being the Queen of Denial, you should also know that i did NOT just give my 9-year-old daughter 3 pairs of my shorts that used to fit me last summer (umm, chocolate cake, anyone?), and i did NOT just buy my first Double Digits bathing suit (calorie-laden coffee, much?).

What about you? What did you NOT do?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shop 'til You Drop...

...carries a whole different meaning when you get home from the mall with 3 armfuls of stuff, a sleeping child, and a cramp in your, ahem, behind.

...involves more than spending money, since it is about hanging out with friends, going ga-ga over things you shouldn't buy, and having that one special treat that you can only get at the mall.

...explains how i spent my Saturday.

What did you do?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And the Winner is....'s a tie!

Thank you, Greta and Shelly, for explaining the functional use of the fly to me... though, i have no idea how i will live with that information in my head now.... Blech.

...and the prize for the 2 winners is...

Kill your houseflies with style!
~ Thank you, Dania, for your modeling of today's prizes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Latest Godsend

As you all probably know, we are a homeschooling family. This year, I found out about a contest of sorts that had a honey of a prize: free homeschooling curriculum to try in our home! All I had to do was write a review for a few e-books (which I loved reading and learning from), and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine would decide if I had what they were looking for in a "Crew." Well, I made it onto the Crew, and I couldn't be more excited!! Publishers will send us pieces of their curriculum (according to our home school) and we will use them; then I will write my review - and keep the materials! For a homeschooling family of 3, that is as good as money in the bank since we have to buy all of our supplies out of pocket each year.

My first review assignment is fitting: The Schoolhouse Planner. I debated buying this E-Book for no less than a month, and I just couldn't justify it. I kept telling myself that I would be wasting money purchasing 'something i could put together myself' (yeah, what a laugh that turned out to be!) Now, I get to have one for free!! The only stipulation is that I write a review about it... no biggie.

So if you homeschool (or know someone who does), or if you are a full-time homemaker/homekeeper (or know someone who is) or even if you have a preschooler at home (or know someone who does) -- then pay attention! This Planner's for you!

The Schoolhouse Planner is chock full of useful [and printable] stuff: calendar pages, checklists, book report forms, journal pages, housekeeping schedules, Christmas card lists, preschool ideas, car maintenance schedule, bible memory sheets, attendance forms, emergency contact sheets, report card forms, and so much more! I could no more delineate all this Planner contains than I could count the stars! But, trust me, these 375 pages do not disappoint!

In addition to the hundreds of printable pages for your use, there are informational and educational resources included in the Planner. For example, there is a whole unit study on weather, which includes the information necessary to teach your children about clouds, as well as links that will take you to sources of further information. There are also pages with things like kitchen measurement conversions, the Periodic Table with Elements, the U.S. Presidents, and the countries of the world and their capitals. That only covers a handful of the extras!

I truly cannot wait to start using it, and I have already printed quite a few pages, penciled in some plans, and put them into my homeschool notebook. Look out, printer: here we come!!

For a measly $39, I cannot believe I thought I could get by without it! Frankly, this planner is so well-priced, it would be worth buying for every household, not merely homeschooling families! Just print the pages you can use (which will be a lot!), and ignore the homeschool-specific pages. In fact, I think I hear Christmas calling....

[To see what other Crew members are saying about the Schoolhouse Planner, click here.]

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Try It Tuesday!

Okay, i have read some blogs in which the blogger does a theme on Mondays called "Not Me Monday" and i LOVE to read them! i missed it yesterday because i forgot to do it (and i was tired) so i am starting a Tuesday theme on my blog! :-) Let's see if we can get a theme for almost everyday!!

Today is Try It Tuesday!

Think of something you want to try, do it, and blog about it! (If you do not have your own blog, comment here after my Tuesday posts.)

So, today i am going to TRY to play my banjo! It sits in my closet because i never have time to play it, and i just LOVE the way it sounds!! Plus, i never mastered putting my fingers on the frets, so i will TRY to work on that!

i am also going to TRY to have all the dishes in the house clean before bed! That will be a big one! Many of you probably do that every night, but my husband doesn't participate in the evening routine around here, so after i feed the hungry creatures in my house, take everyone outside for some evening playtime, wash them all up, read them a story, and put them all to bed, i do not usually have the energy to do dishes.

i am also going to TRY not to raise my voice. All day. At anyone. Not even a dog. {pray for me}

i think i will also TRY to have 30 minutes alone with God before the evening meal. {keep praying}

Let me know what YOU are going to TRY today! And be sure and let us know how you did!

- did NOT get to play my banjo.
- DID go to bed with a clean kitchen - no dirty dishes!! Yay!
- spent less than 30 minutes alone with God :-(
- probably raised my voice at least once when the dog was running away from me and refusing to obey :-(

i didn't do so well, but i did better than if i hadn't tried to do any of it!
Try It Tuesday was at least a 30% success. At least i set my sights on something and aimed for it!
"If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time." - Zig Ziggler

Monday, June 15, 2009


Tonight, i am tired.
Tired of moving my body.
Tired of washing the dishes.
Tired of engaging my children.
Tired of contemplating our finances.
Tired of holding it all together. i am tired.
i am just plain tired; tired to the core.

As my children walk around dropping items in their wake, i am tired.
As my husband does his own thing, not included in the household chores, i am tired.
As my dogs dig up the flowers that made me so proud, leaving not one for me to enjoy, i am tired.
As my bills pile up, requiring my attention, i am tired.
As i write this entry, my eyes blurring from the strain, i am just so tired.

Do you ever just get tired?
Good night. God bless.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Flurry of the Fly

Have you ever noticed that flies invite themselves into our homes before we can even say a "how d'ya do?" They mark "their" territory all over our kitchens, they pester us in our beds, and they climb down into our cups to sample our drinks. They also spend most of their time zzzz-zapping against the window panes!

Why, when they were so quick to get in out of all that sunshine, are they so determined to go back into it?

Why, if they liked it out there so much, did they zzzz-zip into our houses so quick in the first place?

And why, i would like to know, did God tell Noah to bring flies onto the boat in the first place? What purpose do they serve?

If you can tell me the purpose of the fly (a real purpose, like what do they do to contribute to the greater good of the earth), you will win a prize! Just to titillate you further (oooh, that's such a naughty-sounding word), the prize is, um, a surprise! Yeah, as in, i have no idea what it will be, but so what! It's A Prize, just the same!! Just leave your answers (and a method of contact: link to your blog, email address, whatever) in the comments section, and i will pick a winner next Thursday. Get your answers in by Wednesday, though, 'cuz, really, i am soooooo sure there will be hundreds of responses! {wink}

So, come on, Scientists, explore, discover, think, examine, and figure out the purpose of the FLY!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lemonade, Anyone?

Hello, friend!! Come on in - glad you stopped by.
Sure is hot out! Want some lemonade? Well, i've been makin' an awful lot of lemonade lately, and i would appreciate you drinkin' some of it with me. Gettin' kinda sick of lemonade, if you must know, bein' as how i've been makin' it just about every day for awhile now....

Y'see, people always say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" Well, i took that advice, and now i am quite sick of lemonade!! i've tried adding sugar (when i can see the bright side of things) to make it easier to choke down, but honestly, i just want to have something else for awhile!

Other people get to drink other things, that's the truth! But if i spend too much time focusing on what other people get that i don't, i sure get bogged down in a pile of self-pity! That ain't much fun, i can tell ya that!!

So, anyway, friend, i know you stopped by for some socializing, and it's the truth, i'm not much fun to be around right now! Let me get my Father for you.... He sure helps me snap out of my own troubles! Did you know that He sent His Son - His ONLY Son, mind you - to die a terrible death for me? Well, and for you, too, of course! What a sacrifice! What love and devotion!

Yeah, it sure puts perspective on my troubles when i remember that, that's the truth!

Well, come on out to the porch with that lemonade, and i'll holler for Him to join us.... Oh, look! He's already there... been waitin' on us, looks like!