Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Farm Fresh Chickens!

Today, the children and I went to a small family farm. The family is a homeschooling family like us, and they are in the early stages of building their farm. So far, they only have chickens, but in time they will have eggs, beef, and fruit.

The family invited us to visit their farm to see them process chickens - so we could see how chickens go from "wing" to food. I knew this would be touchy for the kids, but it was a great learning experience, so we went. Plus, my kids already have a deeper understanding of what we eat than the average American child in the twenty-first century. So we went.

The hardest part for the kids was watching the chickens bleed out, so we distracted them during that part. The next difficult moment came when the guts were removed from the chicken's belly cavity. But the whole operation was done by the family in a humane manner that preserved the dignity of each of God's creatures.

I can certainly see how many people exposed to this type of thing infrequently could decide to be vegan, but my faith in The Bible tells me that God intended these creatures to be nourishment for our bodies. When we were given charge over the earth, we were to care for the animals and plants in it so that they would provide for our needs. It is a tough thing to see, but in my opinion, we are all far too detached from our food anyway. We don't see God's beautiful design when we ignore the facts of the circle of life. We can't appreciate God's infinite wisdom when we refuse to acknowledge the creatures who gave their lives for us to sup.

I cannot say it was easy to cook the bird I brought home. I would be lying if I told you none of us thought twice about eating it when it was plated. But I can assure you that our supper prayer was quite different tonight. We had a much greater appreciation for the sacrifice that was made on our behalf than we do when we purchase Styrofoam packages of meats at the grocery store.

Our homeschool is more than facts and figures. Our homeschool is life, God, family, and love. We learned a lot about those things on that small chicken farm. I just hope the kids continue to eat chicken! {smile}


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We took Her Highness, the brand-new 2-year-old, to McDonald's to play at the PlayPlace (courtesy of Granna and Papa). We walked into McD's to order, then she turned around and spied the PlayPlace... "Yay! Climb!" She gushed with excitement. Still, though, she sat sedately like the big girl she is on a hard bench in the PlayPlace area and ate her "buwbuw" and "fies" and her solitary "kickin" nugget from her Sissy (burger, fries, chicken). When she finished with her lunch, she asked if she could go "cyime!" I instructed her to take her shoes off first, so she plopped her diapered tush onto the floor in front of the shoe cubby and removed her new sneakers, then added them to the cubby and ran off to play. It was a really good time for us all. Sissy and Quin helped her get up to some of the harder spots, and Dania refrained from eating the petrified french fries in and around the play equipment (although it wasn't as bad this time as it has been in the past).

Dania's new favorite word is "Awesome!" She speaks in sentences, undresses herself, mostly dresses herself, and is overall too smart for her own good. She has lots of tantrums, but that is to be expected with all the things she wants to do but cannot. Overall, she keeps things interesting!

Bye for now,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Autumn!

So, it is October, it is Autumn, it is chilly!! We are preparing for the little one's second birthday this week. She will turn two on Monday, and we will have family and friends over to celebrate with us on Sunday evening. She is so social, I didn't figure we could get away with not having her favorite people gathered together in a party. Plus, she requires all birthdays be accompanied by cake.... already a Mommy's girl!

Yesterday, we saw the Pediatric Endocrinologist. Usually, that is a fairly routine visit... she looks good, let's get some blood, no change, same meds, good to go. However, yesterday I mentioned that we had done the sleep study since we saw her last and she has sleep apnea.... I mentioned the snoring that had started me thinking she was suffering from sleep apnea way back when, and she informed me that in rare cases of children with Dania's type of hypothyroidism, the thyroid is actually in the wrong spot in the neck and blocks the breathing while sleeping in a way that causes that snoring. She doesn't think that is Dania's issue because those children do not usually present with the snoring issue until between 2 and 3, but she wants me to talk with the Pediatric Otolaryngologist in January about the thyroid in addition to the possible tonsil obstruction.

On a lighter note, Dania's new favorite thing to say is: "Sissy/Quinny NO TALK-A Mommy!!" She says that when the kids are talking to me when she wants to talk to me. It is hillarious, even though I try to make her understand that they are allowed to talk to me, too.

Though it may seem like the elephant in the room that no one is talking about, I am going to continue to restrain myself on this blog - I will not talk about the politics raging in our nation right now. "You're welcome." {smile} I get a bit upset about all of it, and many of us would be on opposing sides, and this blog is just for fun. Not much fun if I offend a bunch of you, though, is is? So, I will leave that with this: VOTE!! Liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, Man or Woman (especially Woman!), take your RIGHT to vote seriously. (of course, if you aren't on my side, it's okay if you don't vote - just kidding!)

Okay, so off to make breakfast for the boy. I'll write again soon!