Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We took Her Highness, the brand-new 2-year-old, to McDonald's to play at the PlayPlace (courtesy of Granna and Papa). We walked into McD's to order, then she turned around and spied the PlayPlace... "Yay! Climb!" She gushed with excitement. Still, though, she sat sedately like the big girl she is on a hard bench in the PlayPlace area and ate her "buwbuw" and "fies" and her solitary "kickin" nugget from her Sissy (burger, fries, chicken). When she finished with her lunch, she asked if she could go "cyime!" I instructed her to take her shoes off first, so she plopped her diapered tush onto the floor in front of the shoe cubby and removed her new sneakers, then added them to the cubby and ran off to play. It was a really good time for us all. Sissy and Quin helped her get up to some of the harder spots, and Dania refrained from eating the petrified french fries in and around the play equipment (although it wasn't as bad this time as it has been in the past).

Dania's new favorite word is "Awesome!" She speaks in sentences, undresses herself, mostly dresses herself, and is overall too smart for her own good. She has lots of tantrums, but that is to be expected with all the things she wants to do but cannot. Overall, she keeps things interesting!

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