Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Project, a Little Late

I got so caught up in trying to restructure my day and get us back to enjoying our learning that i forgot to post our project pictures from last week! Whoops!

It took 2 days of building, gluing, drying, and building, but they got it done with only materials laying around the house and recycling supplies.

First we have the Man-Child working on the recyclables at his workbench, preparing them for his sisters inside....

Now we have the inside operation: gluing strips of cardboard to represent planks of wood on the houses and stripping sticks to resemble the logs the original colonists would have been shipping back to England.

And the next day, the little one had to play with the toys while she was waiting for her big brother and big sister to get the scene finished....


 Then we had to make the SNOW!!! :)

Once they made the snow, they dumped Winter Weather on the poor, unsuspecting colonists....

Hee hee.
Here's the finished "colony":

Probably shouldn't have taken us 2 days for this project, but the oldest was determined to paint hers when the glue dried... she abandoned that idea the next day. ;) We also made gluten-free cupcakes the day we started the project and again on the day of completion, so we still spent lots of time together doing fun stuff!

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