Friday, February 15, 2013

Catching Up

Over the past week, we have determined to live life every day. We are trying not to get caught up in the humdrum, same-old-same-old attitudes, making sure to see each day as a gift and not a repeat of the day before. If you homeschool and stay home full time with your children, you understand the challenge this can be!

So, we have had an eventful week! And because of that, i have not been diligent in updating. So, here's our "week in review."

Taking Tests! Fun! ;)
Valentine's Day Gluten-Free Cupcakes for a dear friend.
Nom nom nom...
Drama Queen makes Valentine's Fondant!
"It's like taffy!"
Valentine's Day Gluten-Free chocolate cake with Drama Queen's fondant.
Visited the War Memorials in Nashville.

Korean War Memorial
All in all, we have tried to engage outside of our house more. It has been fun, and since the youngest is now capable of handling being busy out of the house, we will be doing more of it!
What fun things are you doing to keep things lively this winter?

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