Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life in the Slow Lane

Around here, we try not to be a member of the How Much We Get Done in a Day Club or the I am My Children's Personal Scheduler/Driver/Short-Order-Cook Group. So, our lives take a more leisurely path through the day, week, month, year. Here's what that looks like....

We take the time to walk the dog on demand (which means he demands, and we obey!).
We snack when the mood strikes us (hmm, feeling a bit hungry... apples and peanut butter, anyone?).
We cater not to a strict curriculum schedule but to a "Hey, Now's a Good Time For School!" mentality (not for everyone, but it is working for us - mostly).
We handle conflict as it arises, which builds social skills (most public schools don't bother with this).
We cook most of our meals from scratch, with a little help from the kids fairly often (they have to learn to cook sometime, right?).
We send Daddy off to work with a full, hot breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a kiss.

I like life in the slow lane. I'll probably see ya on the highway... will you be passing me or cruising with me?

1 comment:

  1. Sounds wonderful!!!
    I am definitely up for a lifetime of cruising...