Monday, February 2, 2009

Target, Facebook, and Television

I have noticed over the years that my husband is much like my children in ways relating to the television. They want to watch it, no matter what is on. If the television is on, there is no "together time." If the television is on, but nothing good is playing, they will just watch something boring. If the television is available, but not on, they must turn it on to "see what is on." This boggles my mind! If you don't know what is on television, you can't know what you are missing, so you must, therefore, NOT be missing anything! Right?!? And we do not even have cable or satellite, by the way. Just an antenna. So, all in all, I have determined that the television is a time-sucker.... It just sucks them in until an entire evening has come and gone, and there are the missing members of my family... on their butts... on the couch... where I left them hours ago. ...Where's my book?...

When I enter the Super Target, I feel as if time both stands still and wings by at warp speed. I spend idle moments in the Dollar Spot, wander through the housewares, peruse the games and books at leisure, and allow some chaotic "window shopping" in the toy section. After we have all had our fill of the joys of going to Super Target, we finally head on over to the grocery section to pick up the few items that drove us to the store in the first place. When we eventually emerge from the front gates, I am always surprised (which I realize means that I should no longer be surprised, but there you go) to note that more than an hour has passed. Really. What do people on a schedule do, avoid Super Target like the Plague?

Well, I recently signed up for a Facebook account. Most of my friends have a Facebook account, my husband has a Facebook account, and some of the family have them. I figured, "it would be cool to be on Facebook, too, and get to 'visit' more with those people. They seem to be having fun." Yeah, like it's that simple. Facebook is ADDICTING! Now, not only can you be in other people's faces at any time of the day or night with your status updates and your comments on their/your walls and your photos and your hugs and your pokes, but you can continuously seek out more friends! More friends with whom you can chat, comment, update, share photos, and poke! Yea! Much like television and Super Target, Facebook is a time-sucker.

Nothing like writing a blog...


  1. Oh have entered a world that you can never leave...I will find you as I and others have found each other!!! I don't know how we find the time BUT somehow we do and then find ourselves asking where did all the time go and what have we done with it and then do it all over again the next day!!!

  2. You forgot RealTracs!!!