Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jesus in My Friends

A week ago today, i received a reality check in the form of divorce papers, delivered by a complete stranger as a surprise to me in front of my children. Somehow, i managed to keep this secret from them and continue our schooling... that day and all of the days since.

In the past week, i have experienced shock, anger, and fear, and not always just one of them at a time. Looking back on the past several days, i have to acknowledge the presence of God in my life. When i was in shock, the Holy Spirit moved my feet to "just do the next right thing." When anger rose up to choke me, the calming words of a friend brought me back to acceptance. Any time fear haunted me, God calmed my soul and whispered His words of truth to my heart.

There is no explanation for the peace that comes in the midst of trials. It really is a peace that passes all understanding. But there is also no substitute for godly friends in your life. When you are facing an uncertain future, a difficult time, or a terrible loss, it is the Holy Spirit within each of your earthly friends that will encourage you, even as the Holy Spirit within you shores up your defenses and strengthens you for the road you're on.

Take the time to connect with a friend today. You really never know when you will need them or they will need you, and it is the time and energy spent building those relationships that has the greatest returns - as we bear one another's burdens, in Christ, for Christ, until the day comes when all hardship will come to an end and we will have joy everlasting.

"It Is Well With My Soul"

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