Friday, March 5, 2010

Health Care in the USA

Well, it is time for another political rant, so depending on your standing, you may want to mosey along....

Health care in the United States is apparently in need of an overhaul.  There are few who disagree.  However, the method of that overhaul is in question.  Many would like to use their power in government to take over health care.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, they are calling it a reform, but it is really just a takeover.

So, okay, let's evaluate.

Your company, which you have worked for your entire life, is losing money.  It is still afloat, but it isn't doing as well as it could.  You have a couple of choices as a member of the voting board of directors: you could vote in favor of a reevaluation of what is working and what isn't, what rules are already in place that aren't being followed that would benefit your bottom line, and what people in your company are beneficial and what people are detrimental, then you could weed out things and people who aren't a good fit and introduce new, but proven, methodology; OR you could opt for a takeover by Company GOVT, who is know for mismanagement of funds, inflated salaries and unsurpassed benefits packages for its employees, redistribution of wealth from the earner to the drug dealer, and the absence of successful corporate management ideas.  Though Company GOVT has managed to stay in business for over 100 years, it is questionable whether they have not actually improved the way they operate or if they have simply managed to continue increasing their funding so they do not have to acknowledge that what they are doing hasn't been working.

So, which plan strikes you as the best choice?