Monday, March 29, 2010

How Has Homeschooling Affected My Life?

Well, homeschooling IS my life, so suffice it to say, there's no stone unturned!  Massive takeover, at times, a bit hostile!!

For example, my second child was getting ready to embark on Mother's Day Out and my first child was conveniently ensconced in a Government-run "educational" facility, and I had a glimmer of real freedom... for about a day.  Then I found out I was preggo with Baby #3.  Commence Meltdown.

I have since gotten over that traumatic, er, beautiful time, and we have embraced homeschooling.  The freedom never came, the oldest got pulled from Uncle Sam's Brainwashing Academy, and the second offspring never entered a public school.  The third will not go away to preschool.

They go with me to the doctor.  This, they do not love.  Neither do I. (Mommy, why is she putting that there??) Alas, it is our lot in life... at least until the eldest is of babysitting age.

They go with me to the grocery store.  This, they love occasionally, but it usually involves a weak moment for Mommy and far too much junk in the buggy. (yes, i bribe!) Ah, the trials of offspring always underfoot!

They eavesdrop on my conversations with other mothers... and regurgitate bits and pieces of them in front of company in as inaccurate a manner as possible. (Mommy said the neighbors' dog...) Oh, the joys of motherhood!

I sleep with one eye opened, there are nightlights all over the house, my desk has a Dora mousepad, I use the bathroom with the door open (they'll just barge in, what's the point?), I share even my coffee, my dog gets more privacy than I do, instead of a curio cabinet with beautiful china dishes in it, I have wardrobes with homeschooling supplies, my kitchen windowsill hosts various plant experiments instead of a beautiful flowering one, someone says "you know?" and I look at the kids and say "Capital of Alaska" with real glee, and I dress myself so quickly my OB/GYN is always taken aback when I emerge from the room before she has written my checkout papers (high school P.E., anyone??).

Mostly, though, the way homeschooling has impacted my life would be that I get to love my kids through everything... multiplication struggles, Bible memorization difficulties, battles with friends, wars with siblings, and the pressures of being young... They are mine for only a short time, and I do not wish it away.  Nor does it fly by for me... at least, not yet.  I am told that day will come.

For now, I remain an integral part of their lives, and they, mine.

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  1. I absolutely loved this post! ;-) Very cute and so very, very true. LOL

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm in tears here. I want to homeschool my twin sons, but my husband is not convinced. I just sent them off to the Government Run Educational facility after a wonderful spring break and am heartbroken. We only have 12 more weeks of this school year and I WILL homeschool them next year. I went through too much to have them to have them be raised by someone else especially someone I wouldn't choose to be my friend in real life.
    Thank you for your post.

  3. Kristi, i am so glad the post touched you. My blog is often quite rant-like (grin), but the hope is that someone somewhere can relate... anyone??... anyone?? :^)

    Homeschooling is a blessing, and the research shows that homeschooled children are way above their peers in academics as well as social skills, and that homeschoolers make excellent employees later in life. All good things to point out to your husband. Also, as your children begin to come home with "less desirable" things they have picked up from school, it really cements your desire to homeschool, in my opinion.

    Good luck, and many blessings!