Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In the Presence of Special

When God created each one of us, He knew us. Better than we can ever know ourselves. And some people on this earth, He made with a sprinkling of "special" dust. You always know when you have had the privilege of knowing someone with that extra something special. Because they just are Special. This is especially true in Specials who are children. Children born of adversity. Children with cancer. Children with Autism. I see them in so many forms.

And when a child is Special, there's a little something different about him.
A smile.
A laugh.
A giggle.
Things that can be taken for granted in the Average Joe Juniors are quite the treat in Specials!

Eye contact.
With Special children, these seemingly common, daily experiences are Events! 
Events to be celebrated!

And when that Special child gives you his genuine smile or delights you with his belly laugh, it makes all of the mess (for lack of a better word) that can go along with Special children seem totally worth it. Because God has given YOU something Special, too, when He gave you the Special child. And that comes in the form of a love that holds no account of efforts, work, troubles, or concerns, but rejoices in the little things like sparkling eyes and cheerful babble (that rambling of true excitement over the Christmas lights or the playground).

It is as if witnessing the harnessed power of true joy in the miracle that is your Special child is a release from all of the burdens that we can too easily focus on instead. And i, for one, need that release. To remind me that i am called to this work. And to reset my patience level. To call up the Holy Spirit of peace to take me over yet again.

Because daily, i need some payoff. I am human, and i have a sin nature. And i whine and complain. And i throw Pity Parties that no one attends because we're all too busy with our own troubles to waste time feeling sorry for ourselves. And the payoff doesn't always come. Then i put my Big Girl Panties on and face the world again.

When the payoff comes...
... in the form of a genuine smile... an honest conversation... or a heartfelt laugh... 
i am overcome. 
Because God has called me to this. 
And all i can ever do is give it my best effort. Because Special people are always put in our lives to help us with ourselves anyway.

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