Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hole-Punchers and Vanderbilt

Yup. The name pretty much says it all. My day started with my eight- and five-year-olds deciding to experiment with the art supplies. My son put his finger in the hole-puncher and my daughter punched a hole in it. Commence wailing, bleeding, and panicking.

"Quin got cut" was the first explanation. Then, "Calysta used the hole-punch on my finger" and "He told me to do it" and "No, I didn't!" Sob, sob, sob, bleed, bleed, bleed.

Yeah, well, 12 minutes later, the bleeding isn't slowing with the crying, so the our Pediatrician's office advises us to take a trip the to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Emergency Room. Really?!?! Jack that panicking up a few notches, folks, and off we go!

About 3 1/2 hours later, we are on our way home with a $75 bandage. Mmm-hmmm. An ER trip that results in the doctor washing the cut out with WATER and putting a gauze BANDAGE on my not-so-smart son's finger.

The good news is that there was no need of stitches because the damage wasn't deep enough to warrant them, and stitches would deform the finger more than letting it heal would. Also, since our shots are up-to-date, we needn't worry about a tetanus shot either. Joy! Happy boy! So, almost two hours of cartoons later, we left with little more than expensive peace of mind.

And having had no breakfast myself before the incident, the lack of food and adrenaline crash left me completely wrung out. I am sooooo ready for bed.

My children clearly cannot be trusted with art/office supplies.

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  1. I can't be trusted with office supplies either. That incident with the post-its was the last straw.