Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Self-Centered by Default?

So, the kids and i have discovered this fabulous game called The Scrambled States of America. We LOVE playing (okay, The Littlest Princess is left out, but we try to include her some) and the kids are actually learning a bit about the U.S. States in the process!

Just the other day, my son's workbook wanted him to use a map of the United States (included in the workbook) to write down each State's capital city. Okay, fine... except he couldn't find Hawaii where he thought it should be and Alaska was nowhere near where he had begun learning it should be.

Then, in trying to locate a Southwestern State, he says, "oh, New Mexico is by the Pacific Ocean!"
I walk over and look at his book, explaining, "no, son, New Mexico is right above Mexico..." only to notice that THERE WAS NO MEXICO ON HIS MAP. (or Canada, for that matter)

Well, no wonder other countries think the United States is so self-absorbed: we teach our children that we are on our own giant island and all alone over here! Good grief, my poor second-grader was confused that what he thought he was learning was actually NOT the whole story.

Yes, son, there are other countries out there, and they have people living in them much like we do... and we do not occupy our own continent here in the U.S. of A. - hence, the "of A" part. Sheesh!

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