Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cupcake Mania

Today, the kids and i tackled our out-of-character, chilly, drizzly September day with a bit of nonsense. We decided, after i spent 20 minutes on YouTube, that cupcakes were in order! After all, we should practice before the birthdays come, right?

We took photos of the whole process, too, because the kids think it would be neat to make videos for YouTube that pay money! Hahaha. Ah, well, it was fun at least!

Here's a taste of what we did.
(After i get the slide show uploaded to YouTube, maybe i'll post the link here....)

From "Ho-hum"...
 ...to "Oh, Yum!"

Chrysanthemum Cupcakes! They were tasty, too!!

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  1. Such detail... very pretty. It's a true work of art.