Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back... and With a Vengeance!

So, here i am, finally getting around to putting some words down on this blog after a several-month absence. And now, i find myself in a stage of change. Again. {smile}

Not all changes are bad, and of course, some changes aren't good, but most changes represent challenges and a bit of uncertainty. The challenges vary substantially and the uncertainty can be daunting. However, we usually see enough benefit after working through the change to make said change worthwhile.

That brings me to my point: we are adopting a mostly vegetarian/vegan way of life as a family. It is something that has lingered on the horizon of my life for a few years now, but i have not had the drive to fully embrace it. Until now.

The last bit of research i read about dairy, and animal protein in general, shook my doubts off like water from a just-bathed dog. I can no longer deny that this is the way to keep health in my family's future. Our generation is increasingly sick, and we are looking down the line at an even sicker generation after us. That would be my children. Yeah... um... no, thanks.

So for the overall well-being of my family, we are restricting animal foods in our daily diets. And thus far, it hasn't been as difficult as i would have thought! But if any time is the time to go vegan, it is now! We are blessed to be embarking on this journey at a time when it is a very well-accepted lifestyle choice.

Recommendations for you if you are interested:
Documentaries like (to name a few)...
Forks Over Knives
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
The Gerson Miracle
Food, Inc.

And the book that started my awareness of this subject so many years ago (4 now?): Skinny Bitch.

Hard to believe i was ever that naive, but the truth is, i thought the world worked the way it looked like it did. It never occured to me that people in the medical field, governmental office, and the education system could all be misleading me. Now, i'm not saying they all are... but i am an informed consumer now. And i strongly advocate being one - make your own decisions based upon your own research and knowledge.

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