Friday, June 22, 2012

Celebrating Life

This is the month i celebrate my own birth. I have no problems celebrating the birth of my children, because i am genuinely thrilled they have been born into my heart and my life. But my birthday always gives me pause.

What's so great about me? the enemy inside whispers.

This year, i may have an answer to that question, and it also gives me pause.

Every life, no matter how fleeting, is like a pebble thrown into a pond: it causes far-reaching ripples the pebble will never see. My life has affected countless others, not all for the good, i'm certain, but there it is.

This month, i have been thrown into a family situation that i would rather not have to deal with. But it is my life, my past experiences, my journey up to this point, that has prepared me for exactly this challenge. I do not shirk it, but i courageously shoulder that challenge on behalf of my Lord, Jesus, who goes before me in the interests of all involved. And i am reminded by a dear friend that my old church's pastor has been speaking about COURAGE, which is not the absence of fear at all... rather, it is the presence of fear and the walking toward the challenge anyway.

So as i celebrate another year on this planet, i celebrate all of the good God has brought out of my life up to this point, and i pray that every day i walk the earth be a blessing to the Kingdom in one way or another.

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  1. yes, you are a good mom and wife, there is nothing wrong with celebrating your own bday. i think you are a strong-willed and humble person, n this the world needs more of u, chica. cant wait for your nxt post