Monday, January 21, 2013

Within the Gray

I've understood that i live within the gray areas of life for some time now. I've even begun to say that out loud in several circumstances. And today, as i am emotionally dealing with a lot of things in my life, i am aware of yet another way i live within the gray: my sick kids.

Okay, so my children don't have cancer. Or leukemia. Or diabetes. Or autism. Or cerebral palsy. And for that, i truly am thankful.

However, my children (and i) are still sick. We are just not overtly sick. We live with inflammation, headaches, nausea, bloody stools, hyperactivity, vaccine intolerance, behavioral problems, and learning disabilities. My kids live with food sensitivities, dietary restrictions, and many issues surrounding food. (And in case you haven't noticed, you can't really cut food out of your life.)

So, while i am not the least bit sad that we are not facing some terminal illness like cancer or some debilitating condition like cerebral palsy, it is sometimes frustrating that the things we are dealing with are invisible to the rest of the world.  Example: if you feed my youngest child commercially available fruit-flavored candy, she will behave like a lunatic who has zero self-control for at least 30 minutes. Another? If my middle child eats too much cheese, he'll not only swell until he looks like he's gained 5 pounds, but he'll poop enough blood to resemble a crime scene. And that is the little stuff!

And this is not a pity party; not in the least! I am just determined that we get the word out in this country that our current food producers are killing us. And the government is standing guard - not over us, though, but over the businesses feeding us the crap that is killing us.

We have GOT to take back control over our health in this country. And it starts with EACH of us. I, for one, and going to grow more of my own food than ever before. And i live in a suburb with a mere 1/4 acre of land!

I really believe that 2013 is the year we take back our health. There is more and more coming out about our food, and we have a choice to make: ignore it all and keep getting sick, or take charge and demand change. But be willing to change what you buy and what you eat if you think you are going to demand change - money talks!

And remember: choices are rich with opportunity, and while change can be frightening, it also brings with it the perfect opportunity for positive growth.

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