Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy New Year!

So, it has certainly been awhile since i've dropped in to say "hello!" My life has been quite full, and blogging just didn't make the cut. Yet i've found myself longing for the creative outlet. So, here i am. :)

As 2013 wound down, i began the journey of re-focusing. I believe this is a journey because it often comes with twists and turns as we adjust to life's ever-changing landscape. For now, i am focusing on Family and Home and Health.

Last year, i developed side effects in my condition (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) that complicated my lifestyle and challenged my illusion of my personal health. I had to determine that giving up eating wheat gluten was less of a struggle than the physical effects of continuing to ignore that advice. So, as i write this entry, i am one year gluten-free. It has been quite a journey in itself - gluten is a complicated matter in this country with all of its processed foods and unknown chemical ingredients. I am certainly more knowledgeable now, and we eat more real food that i make myself than we ever did before. Not a bad thing. :)

As 2014 began, i was on the journey for simplifying in my life. "Purge 'til it hurts" was my philosophy. I have been purging homeschool "wanna-do" piles, home clutter, and less-than-ideal foods. It has hurt. Frequently. But it is also energizing and liberating! I highly recommend it!!

I am focusing on homeschooling the children with simplicity rather than complexity. We left a part-time homeschool supplemental school to come back to basics. Together. It has been a pure blessing.

And i am learning more and more about why i often feel sick.

It is always a journey. But it all begins with just one step in the direction of progress.

What steps are you taking in your journey for this year? I'd love to hear from you.

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