Friday, May 16, 2014

The "Not-Quite" Life

We are in the process of selling our home. We have lived here longer than i have ever lived anywhere, and it took weeks to prepare a "ready" home for market (for our standards, anyway). Now that we are ready, and our home is finally listed, we are living in a sort of transitional home. We can't quite live freely in this space, but we can't move into our new home and live freely there either. We are stuck in this model home that other people can come see at any time... and i find it is exhausting in a way for which i was not prepared.

It is exhausting to be afraid to cook a meal the family loves because it will stink up the house for the whole day. It is exhausting to be afraid to have friends over to play with my children because they might make a mess that is a lot of work to clean up. It is exhausting to remind my children to wipe down the entire bathroom - every time they use it. It is exhausting to stay hyper-connected to my cell phone just in case the Realtor has to inform me of another showing. It is exhausting to keep coming up with things to do with three children and a dog for an hour and a half - every day.

People seem to understand the work of preparing the home for showings. But i haven't heard anyone else talk about the weariness that comes from living in a state of "not quite" life. Sure, we go on about our day, but just when i make a plan to throw caution to the wind and make those birthday cupcakes for a friend, we get a showing at the most inconvenient time. And, folks, the bottom line is that i want the house to sell. So, yeah, we're available for showings as much as possible.

The cleaning isn't fun. And i'm not a fan of cleaning, i'll be honest. The vacuuming daily is giving me enormous arm muscles that are not the least bit feminine. And making sure everything is in its place is a little nerve-wracking. But after a week of that, i'm getting really good at it! And it isn't what is wearing me down at all....

So, let me be the one to tell the full truth: listing your house and showing it to sell it is going to wear you out in ways you might not realize. I know it will eventually be worth it, and i know i value my humdrum daily routines and my family much more now that we have this experience. But, i'm so ready for the "Not-Quite" Life to be over so i can have my real life back. :)

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