Thursday, October 2, 2014

When Your Friends Pray You Fat

Earlier this week, i noticed a frightening side-effect of my current stress: rapid weight loss. Scary weight loss. I knew my appetite was reduced, but i didn't expect to become my 15-year-old self's weight so quickly (i hadn't finished growing the last time i saw that number on the scale!)! Since i have an auto-immune condition that is barely restrained - which is easily triggered by stress - and adrenal fatigue - which is exacerbated by stress - i understandably became concerned.

Fear of regressing into a full Hashimoto's Thyroiditis "flare" in the midst of divorce and dealing with the kids drove me to my friends on Facebook, where i asked for prayer regarding my stress levels and my weight loss.

In typical "Be Careful What You Wish For" fashion, in less than a day, i am back up to a reasonable weight. Seriously? Since i didn't notice eating differently, don't remember feeling any difference in my stress levels, and didn't burn any additional calories that i am aware of, the only explanation is that my friends are praying me fat! (Um, gals, you can back off a little now... ya know, so i don't need a new wardrobe.) ;^)

I'd challenge anyone to tell me that God doesn't care about the minutia of our lives. I have experienced His hand in so many little things that i might laugh at you! So if you don't believe that God cares about the small stuff you deal with, ask your friends for prayer... but be careful: they might pray you fat! :)

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