Monday, June 2, 2008

Wow! It's June!!

Now that we are no longer schlepping up to preschool three days a week, we have so much more time!! I really anticipated this post-preschool time, but even I hadn't realized how much time it was sucking from my schedule! During the past week, I have spent that bonus time on the house... well, the time that wasn't taken up with the many treks outside we are taking now that all the kids are out of school. I have been getting caught up on the things around the house that have been waiting for months to get done. The next step is Quin's Room!! We have to plan it out first, but we will be painting it soon, then once the bedding is done, his room will be finished! I can't wait!!!

We will be having our garage sale this coming weekend, so that will get rid of half the mess in the garage, YAY! It is kind of a hassle to have a garage sale with three kids, but it has to happen.

Hubby got his Dad's Day gift early since we caved at Lowe's yesterday and picked up the Weber grill he has been wanting. No more propane!! We are grilling for dinner tonight, then off to the pool, where, by the way, the older children have finally mastered the doggy paddle and the underwater swim!! Praise the Lord!!!

Well, I am at a loss for what to write today, and Dania is sleeping, so I am going to go get ta' steppin' on somethin'.... probably the kitchen.... or the laundry.... which is always lying in wait.

Have a great day!

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