Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summertime... Right?

The kids are having a really difficult time understanding that it isn't officially summer yet. It is pool weather, we are sweltering in the sun, we are getting sunburns, school is out, but... it isn't summer. I think I am just going to lie next time Quin asks... "yes! It is finally summer! Isn't that great?!?!"

We have a neighbor with a daughter really close to Dania's age (Shiloh is a few weeks older is all), and they love to play together. Well, Shiloh's mother is showing me up in a big way this year! If I was a keep-up-with-the-Jones' kinda mom, I would be waaaaaaay behind. :-) A few weeks ago, I put some sand in an under-the-bed plastic storage box for the kids to play with. Shiloh got an awesome sand and water table that I drooled over for 2 years. Yesterday, I put water in a larger plastic storage box, which Dania climbed into and used as a pool. Shiloh's mom brought out a beautiful, colorful, inflatable, shaded toddler pool today. Hmmm.... I can't tell if it is third-child syndrome, or if I have just gotten creative in my old age, but it is sure making me laugh!!! :-)

Tonight, we single-handedly annihilated the mosquitoes in our neighbors' yard. They were landing on us like crazy, so I ran in and got the Avon Bug Guard, and while I was spraying it on myself and the kids, the blood-sucking buggers were aiming at untreated skin. By the time we were all sticky with bug repellent, the mosquitoes were nowhere to be seen. Go, Avon! We didn't see another mosquito.

Since I am soooooo not ready for the garage sale on Saturday, I am going to sign off now and price-tag some more stuff. Ya know, this should be a piece of cake. I am doing the right thing by decluttering, but darned if I can get it all organized enough to make Saturday morning easier. Time will tell, I suppose. (this is a lot of work for a few dollars, but we wouldn't do it if it weren't for those beautiful boys who need to go to college!)

Anyway, have a great rest of your week!

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