Friday, June 13, 2008

Flash! Boom! Rain, Rain!

I taught Dania a new phrase to calm her when it storms: "First it goes FLASH! Then it goes BOOM! Then it goes RAIN, RAIN!" (of course, this is said with Happy Enthusiasm!!)It helps tremendously, and she is too cute when she does the sounds herself. Ever since we were first introduced to the Panic-Stricken Puddin' that appears during a storm, we have learned that she becomes quite frantic when the thunder and lightning get really bad. The Mommy Sweater becomes a Mommy Necklace, specifically a CHOKER! We even have to sleep this way sometimes. Since we live in Middle Tennessee, I foresee many of these days and nights in our future. Today was one of those days. Tonight might be one of those nights.

By the way, there is absolutely nothing like a charcoal grill. GOD BLESS THE PERSON WHO INVENTED A WEBER!!! Tonight, we got a little smarter. Once we had the coals going, we grilled a bunch of stuff for later in the week. (we got this idea by combining my neighbor's multi-day grilling request and my cooking-for-the-week plan) Our dinner was perfect and the chicken for later was Yummy!!! Thanks, Hubby!!

Okay, so enough pleasantries. My mom is having her back surgery on Monday, so thoughts and prayers to her. Also, I just found out about a past church friend who is having a lumpectomy for precancerous cells in her breast in July. Please pray for healing and recovery and God's will for them. I know she is probably scared even though it sound like they caught everything really early. We'll pray for wisdom for the doctors and peace for Susan and her family.

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