Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spit Shine!

The Disappearing Toddler needs a new name. Well, yes, she does still like to run off in all sorts of public places, but she has a new... um, hobby, you could say. She has recently taken to spit shining herself. And others. If you aren't paying attention. Yup, she spits into her hands, then "washes" herself. And others. If you aren't paying attention.

You know, if you have kids, you're already aware that dealing with the seepage of their bodily fluids is part of the package. However, I can tell you with no small amount of experience here that being spit shined by my toddler is still disgusting. Really, really icky. Really. Icky.

Any tips on how to abbreviate this favored past-time?? She really likes it. Her family, however, not so much. Well, for now, we are telling her "no" and putting her away from us. We'll see how that pans out for us.

Gotta go. She is now fishing pieces of stale snacks out from under the entertainment center. And eating them. Yuck. (although, she is informing me that it was "Nummy!")

Mom of the Year,

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