Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time... Where does it go?

Time is like the baby's socks... pieces of it slip away without notice until one day, you are looking for it specifically, only to discover it has disappeared! I have just a few minutes to spare, so I thought I would update the site.....

We are homeschooling again! Quin is in Kindergarten, and he is doing fantastic!! Calysta is in the 3rd grade now, and she is really taking to her schoolwork better than last year! Hurray, Summer Vacation!! The baby/toddler/distraction/destroyer is just meandering about trying to be in the middle of everyone's business. She likes to "write" and "read" with the big kids. I figure at this rate, she'll be in kindergarten next year!

Anyway, we are preparing for our trip to Virginia to watch my baby sister get married! We will also be attending the funeral and memorial service for my grandfather who passed away last month. I have been working on a tribute video/slideshow that will be shown at the memorial. It has been a bit time-consuming, but very rewarding. I feel as if I have gotten live his life with him a bit before I am forced to say good-bye. I am honored to present it to my grandmother when we get there!

Whew! So, that is all for now. All the children are nestled in their beds, and I have to put the finishing touches on the slideshow while Her Highness is sleeping. School again in the morning! OH!! And I get to write a speech for my baby sister's wedding now, too, thanks to the matron of honor's public speaking issues. {ahem} Ah, well, that, too, will honor me. If I can just fit it into my week.... take the car to renew the tags, pick up necessities at Costco, launder and pack for 5 people (including formal wear for a wedding and a funeral), pick up formal dresses from seamstress, finish The Boy's Star Wars ships, take books/videos back to library and Blockbuster, not to mention the usual daily stuff like school, dishes, laundry, etc.

Sometimes, I really resent the need for sleep - it seems like such a wasted way to spend 7 hours a day. And it isn't like I enjoy it... I don't even get to be aware of doing it! It is just done when I wake up! Hours later than it was when I fell asleep. Where does the time go??

Good night,

P.S. If you have already looked at The Boy's Room slideshow in a previous post, check it out again... there is an updated picture at the end. And here is a photo of our new pet, Muchi.

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