Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Oliver has been recovered;
My heart would not endure
The pain that had been beating
Forever at the door.

The Lord has been obeyed;
He guided me so gently.
He let me break my heart first,
Then whispered oh, so softly.

I choose to rehabilitate
Our faithful family friend,
And in my efforts to improve,
I chose a friend for him.

Now Cocoa's joined the crew,
And a happy friend is she.
She adds an element of fun
To Oliver's family.

Welcome back, Oliver!
And welcome to Cocoa!


  1. What a faithful friend you are to all God's heart melts for you and your furry friends that have have come home to their forever family!

  2. Yay Hooray for doggies! And their nice mommies! And poo on anyone who tries to bring a bad vibe to your furry endeavors. Poo, I say! POO!