Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Terrible Day

Today was a terrible day. No, it was a Terrible Day, with capitalization required. Today is the day I decided to give up the search for a new family for Oliver - and I took him to the Williamson County Animal Shelter. It was devastating. For all of us. Well, everyone but Daddy, since he proclaimed the whole business would be up to me. Never mind that the dog is biting our children out of aggression, never mind that everyone we talk to says it is a difficult trait to break, never mind that my children's safety is in question; it is solely my decision. Which puts me in the position of being The Bad Guy, the one who made Oliver go away, the one who left him there in that puppy jail, the one who walked away without saying "goodbye."

Does he know he will never see us again? Does he miss us? Does he hate me? Is he all alone inside a cage all day with nothing to do and no one to play with? How long will he have to live that way before someone else falls in love with him and takes him home?

I am a Terrible Person. And I deserve this Terrible Day.


  1. Booooooo! You are not a terrible person, and you do NOT deserve a terrible day. You are a great person who did a good thing for all involved. First, you did a good thing by rescuing Oliver from CERTAIN DEATH. You fed him, cleaned him, trained him, and healed him. He repaid by incessantly BITING YOUR CHILDREN. Hard. For no reason. Not play biting, but biting biting. You were trying to provide your children with good canine friendship. A doggy they can read books to and talk to when they are lonely. A doggy who is a friend. Friends don't stare you down with the, "Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid" stare. Friends don't bite you. Now, you have done another good thing for Oliver. You removed him from a situation that was not good for him. He is not suited for children. HE is the reason you HAD to take him back. YOU did everything you could to make it work, but in the end Oliver just didn't fit. It wasn't a convenience issue, but a safety issue. If I was biting your kids, would you feel bad about telling me to go take a flying leap? Your terrible feelings of guilt over this just show what a truly good and caring person you are. Some things are beyond our control, and Oliver just wasn't the dog for your family.

  2. You are so not deserving of this terrible day! Like your friend Shelly has clearly are a true lover of all of God's children and creatures a.k.a. Oliver despite his faults. You have a heart that is bigger than your emotions can find peace with right now...You most defintely made the right decision and with God's grace and understanding and through your prayers Oliver will find a home meant for him.
    Sending you many many hugs and prayers for comfort knowing He hears our prayers and Oliver loves you for the love your family already gave him!!!!