Monday, August 31, 2009


‘Twas the night before the read-a-thon,

And all through the town,

The children were scrambling

To write their pledges down!

The parents had prepped;

They had printed out pledge sheets.

The I’s had been dotted,

They were crossing their T’s.

They emailed their family,

They called in their favors!

They twisted friends’ arms,

And harassed all the neighbors!

But when it’s all said and done,

The true test will be seen

When the library gets to

Behold all that green!

Please help us raise money

For our local library.

You can pledge us to read,

The options are varied!

Pledge Calysta per book,

Or Quin by the page.

You can set each a goal,

Or pledge a flat rate.

So, if you can sponsor us,

Please let us know!

We’re anxious to help

Our library grow!

Beginning tomorrow, September 1st, and ending on October 16th, our Spring Hill Area Parent Educators (SHAPE) group is raising money for homeschooling resources to be purchased for the Spring Hill Public Library. The children who wish (or whose parents insist) will be reading minutes/pages/books in the hopes of being pledged!


  1. Someone should pay you to write! I can pledge... we'll talk.

  2. you go girl. what a creative mama!