Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Do you ever feel so misunderstood that you wonder if you're losing your mind?

I often have trouble with my memory, so it is a handy excuse for anyone who comes against me to use... and it is offensive to be told i must've "had that conversation with myself" just because the other person doesn't remember it.  It is possible that i am not the only person who forgets things... so why can we not just admit we don't remember?  Why cast blame?  Why trash someone else's character?

Because in the midst of the battle sits an enemy.  It's an enemy i have met before.  It's an enemy who has tormented me in the past.  But this enemy's got nothin' on my God... and my God's got my back.

Little things become bigger,
    Bigger things become vast.
        It gets hard to progress when
           Someone's throwing up your past.
Through Christ there is healing,
    Abundant love and hope.
        Without Him, we struggle just to
           Hold tight to the rope.
Although it feels like failure,
    Trials are often good.
        A struggle grows us better than
            Any blessing could.
So, if someone wants to take you
    Down the path of long ago,
        Look toward the Savior.
            He'll show you where to go.
~ exclusive rights to Angela Varela, original

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  1. Beautiful poetry! I miss you on the forum, but I enjoy your posts. Thinking of you and praying over you and your family today, Angie!