Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stickers?? Really??

How is it that i can have a child that still surprises me after nearly 11 years in the Parenting Jungle?

How is it possible to have more than one child and still be taken off guard by the next?

What does it mean that i can have a Bachelor's Degree in early child psychology and still not understand how my children tick???

Oh, i know their personalities, i understand their temperaments, i've even figured out some of their gifts and a few of their struggles.  But how is it that after a surprising 20+ years of dealing with children, i am still floored by the simplicity of their minds??


Yes, for pity's sake, i finally decided to try using reward stickers for my struggling youngest children and wouldn't you know it!?  Success!!



Sheesh.  Someone needs to send me the men in the white coats, 'cuz i may not make it out of this Jungle with all my wits about me.

[muttering to self] ...stickers... who knew?... of all the simple...


  1. When we were potty training our middle child nothing seemed to work. We tried so many different methods it was ridiculous. Well, one day I purchased a cartoon book for her and in the book they had stickers which thinking I was being sly I immediately put away to avoid a sticky mess. Well, she SAW me and thew a raging fit so I told her "you'll get these stickers the day you decide to listen and use that potty". Wouldn't you know it, she huffed, puffed and used the potty! That is how we found our method...stickers! There must be magic in sticker glue.

  2. You're probably right - magic in the sticker glue. Glad i'm not the only mom surprised by the effectiveness of stickers! :) Thanks for sharing!!!