Thursday, December 16, 2010


i want to know REALLY BADLY what happens to all the millions of dollars of merchandise "lost" in the shipping system.  FedEx/UPS/USPS had it in their hands, they say they lost track of it in such-and-such a location, but they can't find it?  REALLY??  Well, someone found it.  It didn't just disappear!  When someone found it, where did he/she take it??  IT HAS MY NAME AND ADDRESS ON IT.  It wouldn't be so very hard to get it to the right person, so i am left to believe that A STRANGER GETS TO KEEP MY STUFF.

This is especially frustrating at the holidays when multiple packages i am counting on for Christmas will not be here because someone "misplaced" my boxes.  In the past, i have lost personal boxes that contain items that cannot be replaced, some various curricula, a Nintendo Wii, and now several different things this year.  It doesn't just frustrate me that they will not arrive in time, but the fact that the shippers involved are always so nonchalant: "sorry, it must be lost. You'll have to contact the shipper for a replacement."

Seriously??  My only recourse is to TRY AGAIN?!?!?  How about you find out what happens to the stuff??  How about you go to whatever warehouse you auction this stuff out of and FIND MY BOXES and send them to me???  Sometimes, what is inside those boxes cannot be replaced! Go GET IT.


Anyone else ever feel this way?

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  1. I believe they hold an auction for undeliverable packages. You bid by the pallett. (?)