Thursday, December 9, 2010

Year in Review

Looking back on the year i've had, i am left with a resounding "WOW" in my head.  Anyone else have one of those years??  The kind of year that makes you cry, laugh, sigh, scream, rejoice, and dance....

In 2010...
i wept often and laughed much.
i prayed both passionately and passively.
i found new reasons to be thankful for my friends.
i rediscovered the Truth of the Living Word of God, and i spent a lot of time with His Son, Jesus Christ.
i felt the love of family, friends, and a Holy God.
i renewed my love of motherhood, which had taken a sound thrashing but was struggling to hang on.
i rejoiced in new life, remembered those we've lost, and understood the delicate state that is our humanity.
i shared my love for Christ and His love for me with as many people as i could pin down.
i made both mistakes and enemies, but i repented when necessary, and learned to walk away. (this one's huge for me!)
i learned that "peace at any cost" isn't peace at all, and i began applying it to my life.

But perhaps the most notable thing of 2010 for me was learning to hang on to the "peace that passes understanding" that God promises us when we look to Him in our times of trials.  Jesus promises that we will have troubles, but that He will be with us... and i have lived that truth over the past 12 months.  He is faithful, strong, kind, loving, compassionate, comforting, dedicated, powerful, and so many other things i can't describe.

It has been a good year.  God has blessed me mightily, and i am undeserving... yet thankful.

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