Monday, March 7, 2011

Aha!: That Magical Moment

I have days when i wonder what i'm doing homeschooling.  Okay, i can't lie, i have weeks like this.  They are scattered about hither and yon, they scurry into hiding places when i try to meet them head-on, they jump out and take me by surprise when i'm not paying attention, but mostly, they make me feel like a failure.

Who do i think i am, teaching these kids?

What makes me think i can accomplish such a lofty goal when i have dozens of unfinished projects laying about?

Why would i add to my already-heaping plate such a tremendous task (times 3!)?

Well, today i got the reminder, the answer to all those questions and more.

My eldest had 'a morning' (she's 11 - use your imagination).
My son required constant reminders (he's 8, so he still loves to play).
My youngest was in 'a mood' (she's 4 and a bit emotional, so...).
We had an extra child today, and she was apparently feeding on our moods (yay: sharing!).

After a lengthy (and exhausting) pep talk with the eldest, lovingly but firmly reminding her of her responsibilities to herself, her education, her family, and God, i poured my energy into the younger kids and left her in the Lord's hands.

That means we got lunch made, we worked on phonics and math (teacher-directed math with 3 kids is no small feat, let me tell you!), and we tidied the living room (i even dusted!).  The eldest arrived downstairs for her i-feel-better-now-Mommy embrace, and we moved on.

So when did i get my answer, you ask??
When my daughter went to God with a clear understanding of her problems and came back focused and content.

When my son learned to round to the tens place and said, "but when there's one that's halfway between the two numbers, like '5' - then what?" before i could even tell him the rule. (yay: critical thinking!)

When my youngest counted the bumps on the math blocks in order to answer me when i asked 'which one is the number 4?'

As if all that wasn't enough, my eldest needed help with her math after lunch, so she came to me with her problem and when i explained it, she said, "that's all? I thought it was a lot more complicated than that!"

Oh, how i love That Magical Moment of Aha!
I guess that's why i teach my own kids - i'm good at giving them Aha! moments and i love to witness them.  God sure knows how to counter my concerns.  What a beautiful day it's turning out to be!!

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