Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would You Like Cream With That?

Generally, yes. Until recently, that is.

You see, all my adult life, i have suffered from sensitive skin, so not only was shaving cream necessary to a good shave (yes, THAT kind of cream), but specifically the kind for sensitive skin to ease my pain.

Apparently, i have a skin condition that causes aggravation of the hair follicles, and shaving makes this worse.  So, i have vacillated between intermittent shaving and complete boycott of the practice.  Generally, the boycott takes place in the winter, so no need to be alarmed.

Well, on our recent vacation, i forgot to pack my razor.  It was still winter, so no biggie.  Oh, except for the fact that i was traveling to FLORIDA.  Yeah, um, gonna need that razor after all!  Off to the store i went... where there was a ridiculously pitiful selection (i discovered after i returned that Publix doesn't stock razors in the health and beauty aisle, but keep in mind that i didn't know this during that visit) which included bare-bones, bottom-of-the-line straight razors, cheapies in Woman-On-The-Go packs, and the BOMB: the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor for women.  (You know about my disturbed hair follicles, so you can guess which one i chose. Yep, the Cadillac of razors sailed into my basket despite the wince-inducing price tag!)

Upon taking that baby for a test-drive, i learned a marvelous (surprise!) factoid: no shaving cream required! (i know, i know, i should really have read the packaging.)  Alrighty, then, that makes the $10 price tag a bit more justifiable (hey, i told you it was the Caddy)!!  Bonus!

Upon returning home, i figured it would stay in the traveling bag for future trips (never forgetting a razor again!).  However, i kept thinking about how unsafe it would be to leave it in the bag that stays at the bottom of my linen closet... so, i put it on the sink and there it has lived

Until today.

I needed a quick shave to dress for the lovely sunshine-y weather we are currently enjoying (enter: Intermittent Phase), and i spied the 'Breeze - old friend!  And i have to say, it is so much easier and faster to shave with a razor that provides its own cream - no more doing the Shower Shave Dance!  You know the one?? Where you lather up one leg then carefully avoid the steady stream of water coming off the shower head so you can shave every spot before the shaving cream washes away - all while hanging practically upside down with one leg hiked in the air and staying close enough to the spray to rinse the razor in between swipes and keeping your rear and back in the water so you don't freeze? Yep, The Shower Shave Dance! :^)

Well, with the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze, dance no more!! Just SHAVE, doggone it!  Be fast! Be free! Be smooth! Without the cream. (Sorry, Skintastic!)

* i received no compensation for this post. This post is my own opinion (though possibly the exact opinion of others) and i purchased my Venus razor with my husband's hard-earned money. :)

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