Thursday, February 23, 2012


What is hypocrisy?
The hypocrites were originally the theatrical performers who played various parts in a play. They were actors. Pretenders.

So, hypocrisy, then, is pretending, even lying.

I was thinking the other day about that case in another state (North Carolina, i believe) where a teacher forced a child to buy school lunch because the parent had packed a lunch for the child that was not nutritionally sound, meaning "covering all the government's basic food groups for a sound lunch."

Now, i used to work for the government, even had to know those regulations so i could decide if a child's meal 'measured up.' And i always had a problem with it because my children are unable to have dairy, but the government says they need milk at every meal. Before you jump in with "there are alternative milks," let me assure you, that is how we played the game. But where in the food pyramid is soy milk? Rice milk? Almond milk? So at what point are we just following a rule because it is a rule rather than because it is nutritionally sound?

Then, i heard about a case in which a teenager was given 3 years in juvenile detention for murdering a teacher. Huh?

Does this not strike you as hypocrisy? According to the government regulations, this child's parent didn't pack a nutritious-enough lunch for her child and was forced to purchase school lunch (not to mention the message that sends to the child, who had a turkey sandwich, by the way, and was forced to buy chicken nuggets...hypocrisy) but a teenager who takes another human's life is fit for society after 3 years in juvie?

Who's making these rules? And where is their focus? When did milk with lunch become more important than public safety from violent offenders?

Dang, i hate hypocrisy.....

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