Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I AM...

I was thinking about my life the other day. About who i am. Here's what i was thinking.

I am...

...a past victim of child molestation.
...a survivor of abuse.
...the adult child of alcoholic parents.
...the mother of a child with learning disabilities.
...the wife of an unfaithful husband.


If you flip your "i am" around, with the help of Jesus Christ, you can find:
M y
A uthentic
I dentity

I AM (My Authentic Identity)...

...an adopted daughter of The King.
...a cherished child of The Savior.
...the exact parent my children need.
...the perfect match for my husband.
...the only ME i can be.

I read something this month that has really stuck with me. In the book, Not a Fan (by Kyle Idleman), the author points out when Jesus is telling the people not to be like the religious leaders because "they don't practice what they preach," [Matthew 23:3] this amazing tidbit: "Jesus doesn't expect followers to be perfect... he just expects them to be authentic." (phrasing likely not exact, emphasis mine)

My pastor also taught something this month that i have learned at the feet of Christ these past few years: every experience, every hurt, every relationship, every trauma, everything... has prepared me for the work God has for me. I AM to be authentic.

I may not be the perfect parent who never feeds her child fast food, the perfect wife who never says a not-very-nice-thing to her spouse, or the perfect adult child who never has a negative/hurtful attitude toward my parents, but i am this one thing: authentically me.

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