Monday, March 5, 2012

Mission: Monday

Lately, i get the feeling that Mondays have shifted for me. I no longer feel "oh, no, it's Monday... another week. Ugh!" I suppose that is because for the past few years, i have had the privelege of being home with my children and enjoying our learning lifestyle together. Now, Mondays represent the new-again beginning of some structure, scheduled chores, and opportunities to stretch their little brains... and it happens every week!

So, today's Mission: Monday (as i have come to think of it each week) is to work with flash cards every day and to get the upstairs tidy. Mission: Monday is the beginning of a project that will last the week, not the day for a one-day task. One thing i have learned is that one-day tasks need to be bite-sized. Those things go on my "to do tomorrow" list. Then, i have to have a larger goal to focus on so the bigger stuff gets done in bite-sized doses over a period of time. Less stress on me that way. :)

Anyone else finding their groove lately?

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