Friday, March 16, 2012


For you mamas out there, do you remember when your baby had the hiccups while in the womb? My first pregnancy, no one told me what those jerky sensations were, but when i realized it with baby #2, it was so precious... and pitiful. I'm not a big fan of hiccups, but i'm a bit of a controlling person, so having something going amok in my body is not my idea of a good time. Not to mention, hiccups occasionally hurt quite a bit, don't they? And we all know there are methods to their extinction that are more Old Wives Tales than actual help, eh? Hold your breath, stand on your head and drink a glass of water upside down, etc.

Well, i've noticed recently that many of life's turns are often like that - which explains why they have been referred to as hiccups. They are little interruptions, outside of our control, that cause a bit of discomfort, if not downright pain (depends on the depth of the spasm, doesn't it?).

I realize God is wanting to keep our focus on Him. I know He is with me, no matter what He is asking me to walk through. And i understand that He desires to stretch me into someone more like Christ with every hiccup He allows.

So, i can stand on my head, trying to make the hiccups stop on my own.
I can hold my breath, willing them to cease more quickly.
Or i can put my faith in my Creator that the hiccups with subside in due time, and it is only my part to ride them out with grace, dignity, and a will to focus on my blessings rather than my hardships.

May God's blessing be with you today, most especially if you find yourself with a bad case of the hiccups.

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