Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Northerners, you may want to go grab a cup of coffee, start on that Leaning Tower of Laundry, or tickle some tiny toes. This one may get lost a bit on you. :)
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One thing i have been ruminating on lately is the prevalence of masks among us. We seem to have no problems, here in The South, with putting on a multitude of masks in various situations.

At church, there's the "It's-so-good-to-see-you-How's-your-family-You-take-care-now!" mask in the Sunday School hallway.

At the grocery store, it's the "How-are-you-today-Did-you-weather-those-storms-okay-Say-hello-to-your-mom-for-me" mask at the checkout.

At the park, you can witness the "Oh-isn't-she-precious-Where-did-you-say-she-goes-to-preschool-Oh-my-son-loved-it-there!" mask by the swings.

And, ladies, all these "Treat-ya-great-to-your-face" masks just fly right off your faces when you buckle in behind the wheel of your tank, er, vehicle. You get up in your massive SUVs, ride the status symbol of the latest-and-greatest-in-vehicular-technology, and completely forget that your friends and church family are on those roads with you!!

Honestly, i don't really suffer Road Rage. What happens to me is a furious storm of "YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON THIS PLANET SO STOP DRIVING LIKE YOU ARE!!" that is mostly tempered by the faultless self-control i have learned to exhibit in these circumstances (i learned to drive in the Washington, D.C. area... y'all got nothin' on me...). So, i might make an outraged comment or two under my breath, but, by and large, i let y'all have some head-room so's i don't end up crushed by that tank you drive for your own safety while you barrel through our fine city like the stop signs are meant for The Other People, the traffic signals are merely suggestions, and those white lines in parking lots are really saying "speed up and drive diagonal!"

And far too many of you have a passel of Jesus Fishes on the back of your cars (what are you teaching all those Little Fishes your raising?) (oh, and we won't even mention what your driving is doing for the reputation of His followers...).

What happens when you get behind the wheel of your car is that you become incognito. You are insulated from the very people you are nearly killing with your 2-ton-lethal-weapon-on-wheels.

Let me ask you this: if you had to look someone right in the face and shake their hand EVERY TIME you pulled out in front of them, drove crazy through a neighborhood, or cut across the parking lot in front of them... would you still behave that way? I somehow don't think so.

Okay, that about covers it. I'm done. Y'all have a great week! {wink}

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