Monday, March 4, 2013

Learning to Love Writing

I love to write. Obviously. ;)
My children love to create in their own ways, too, but they have never enjoyed writing. It saddens me, not just because it is a joy to me that they do not share, but because i know writing can pave the way to so many things later in life from college to career (not to mention a positive outlet for the soul!).

Anyway, we wrote a story for Dr Seuss's birthday last Friday, and today my oldest and i read an Emily Dickinson poem "Hope Is A Thing With Feathers" and wrote a poem in the same style and rhythm.

Here is the poem (we are still wanting to finish pictures for the book):
[copyright Angela Varela - do not steal anything on this blog to publish as your own]

Happy is a Wagging Tail

"Happy is a wagging tail
That greets you at the door
It drools and licks and wags its tail
And rolls over on the floor

It whines and whimpers when you leave
It home alone all day
And when you come back home again
It greets you the same way

It loves and lavishes attention on
Its master, owner, friend
And though it is a simple creature
It’s adoration knows no end."

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