Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Mission Field

Okay, i've posted before about longing for mission work while in the midst of the mission field God has given me. Now, though, i get to travel with my church on a real mission trip! So many kids being raised in the Christian church in America have this experience before their 18th birthday. But this is a big deal to me!!

My eldest child and i will be traveling to eastern Kentucky to help renovate a dilapidated building in need of some TLC... and elbow grease. ;) We're visiting a small mining town, and we'll both be enjoying our time together and our first actual mission trip.

We are both so excited! Yet, as i begin this post, i realize this is not our first mission trip.... When we delivered food, toys, and household items to the East Nashville residents after the horrible Nashville Flood, we were on a mission. When we washed disgusting laundry for the volunteers that same week, we were on a mission. When we worked in the Graceworks food pantry, we were on a mission. When we planted trees for our city to reduce erosion in a creekbed, we were on a mission. When we fed the homeless on New Year's Eve, we were on a mission.

Seriously, everything we do can be a mission straight from God.... if we are open to it. It we listen and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Although, i'm still excited about this particular trip.... :)

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